Billy Martin’s drum kit, Brooklyn, NY, September 2015.

Below is a Spotify playlist of my favorite music of 2015. I’ve been making this best of list since 2007 and will hopefully get the older ones up at some point. The playlist may be slightly edited over the next few days. Thanks for listening. Parquet Courts - Content Nausea, while technically released it late November 2014, they released it as a second album in 2014 so its valid for this 2015 list.

Best of 2015

The playlist link to open in Spotify

One of the possible signs that I’m getting too old (i.e. unhip) to evaluate music is that despite the decline of guitar-based music, I find myself gravitating towards guitar-based music, albeit, guitars that sound heavily processed or affected, often with feedback (approaching mid-30’s crisis mode).

I hope you find the mix varied and eclectic and perhaps learn about a new artist. I didn’t find that much jazz or experimental music this year. It seems like my leanings this year were more throwback rock-and-roll.

Your Year in Music

Check out a summary of your year in music from Spotify. Log in to your account and check out your stats via this interactive web application. It’s interesting to see how it breaks down by season.