Jeff F. ( aka @zingbot) gave a solid presentation during the @MaptimeNYC session last night (2014-12-03). The Maptime was at CartoDB’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn office.

Below are my notes:

MaptimeNYC’s SQL for CartoDB

Creating Lines from Points


SELECT ST_MakeLine (the_geom_webmercator ORDER BY _order ASC)
AS the_geom_webmercator, route
FROM maptimesql_points
GROUP BY route

ST_Contains (Spatial Join)

us_counties.the_geom_webmercator,us_counties.cartodb_id, count(quakes.the_geom)
AS total
FROM us_counties JOIN quakes
ON st_contains(us_counties.the_geom,quakes.the_geom)
GROUP BY us_counties.cartodb_id


SELECT * FROM table 
ORDER BY the_geom <->
CDB_LatLng(42.5,-73) LIMIT 10

#In POSTGIS it is the command ST_Point	

Check out ST_BUFFER (METERS) search it’ll do the DIST or BUFFER in Meters


Access the previous row of data and get value (time, value,number,etc)